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I have a level 90 Ditto and I want to know if I should put it in my team.

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What do you want to do with this Ditto? Do you want to battle other people, the Battle Tower, in-game trainers, or something else?
I finished the game so I just run around the wild area looking for pokemon
If that's all you ever do, then I don't think Ditto is useful.
I also use  battle tower

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Ditto is okay. In-game, don't use it, seriously. It's a gimmick that accomplishes very little that cannot be accomplished by other Pokemon. You're better off with Snorlax, or Porygon-Z, or one of the many better offensive Normal types out there. Most things work in-game, and it probably will as well seeing as it's level 90, but it's too dependent on the opponent, and opponents in-game usually have garbage-level movesets.

In competitive, it's actually pretty good. With a Choice Scarf, it copies the boosts of an opposing Pokemon and outspeeds them, allowing it to revenge kill prominent threats like Necrozma-DM and Zacian (Crowned or not).

Hope I helped!

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I will add it to my team, I think I will just not use it for max raid battles because its defense { at first } is pretty bad, but according to my friends, once you level it up it gets to be a little better at defence
Defense doesn’t really matter too much, since it copies the stats of what it transforms into anyway.
ya but if the opponent goes first it might be a one-hit takedown
If you can get one with Impostor, that automatically makes it better.
mine only has limber
If you can get an Ability Patch, that would be good. If this is in-game though, it really doesn't matter at all.
my team does half competitive half in-game, sometimes I just set camp and make curry for the whole time, other times I go looking for a certain pokemon, most of the time on this website I just look up where to find a pokemon.