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I have two Scyther in a Day Care. The male Scyther has a Docile nature and the female one has an Adamant nature. I let the female hold an Everstone so the offsprings will have the Adamant nature. The babies always have "Often dozes off" or any characteristic that indicates the HP it's best IV. Sometimes, it will have other characteristics. Do the parents pass down the characteristic they have to their offsprings?

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Well unless one of the parents is holding an everstone, the offspring will not be the same nature. But as for the IVs[characteristics], 3 of the 6 IVs will be randomly taken from the parents, and the other 3 are completely random. Here's a hypothetical situation, lets say you are breeding two Galvantula and the IVs are as noted [female(Modest); 31/31/31/31/31/31: male(timid); 31/31/31/31/31/31] I said hypothetical. So if the male holds the everstone, you have a high cahnce of the offspring being a Timid nature. So now you put them in, and you are guarenteed at least 3 IVs to be at 31. So now lets say you want 31 SpA IVs, you would give the Female the Power Lens[for SpA] and put them in. YOu would probably get a Joltik similar to this (X=whatever IV because you cannot calculate them all) [ Joltik (Timid); X/X/X/31/X/X] But remember, at least two of those X's would also be 31 IVs becaue both parents had 6x31 IVs. If this is too complicated to understand, jsut let me know ;)

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Thanks for answering my question but I kinda understand the natures already. I have tons of Adamant Scyther already with Technician. I'm looking for a Scyther that has "Likes to Trash About" or any Characteristic that indicates that the Attack is the highest IV. It always has the characteristic that indicates that the HP is the highest IV. I checked with the guy in the battle Subway. He says the best aspect is the HP. So... Yeah that's pretty much it.
K, well you can also breed a female scyther with any other male pokemon in the same egg group that has "Likes to thrash about" to get an Adamant with likes to thrash about