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I balanced the two answers out so both people get an equal amount of points.

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Yes there are.

  1. Use Pokemon transfer.
    The other games have porygon to.
    Pearl and Diamond: Trophy garden. (After you beat the game)
    HG and SS: Celadon City (After you beat the game)

  2. It is in White Forest in the first also

  3. Trade it through GTS or GTS Negogations.

  4. Pokecheck or AR <The least recremended.

  5. Pokemon Radar

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Pretty sure Brotad covered all of those, except maybe the cheating one.
I also let you know where to find porygon just in case if you don't know where to get it in which game for the transfer
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Well yes. The only ways to get porygon in gen v are to catch in white forest in white, catch it on dream radar, trade for it, or use poke transfer. So, try to find it on dream radar.