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I know you can find out the type of your hidden power, but how do you find out how the base power it has?

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The base power ranges from 30-70. Despite the move showing as Normal type in-game, its type can only be one of the 16 other types but not Normal. Hidden Power receives STAB if the user's type matches the type given to Hidden Power.

So depending on the Hidden Power type, IV/EV spread, and if it will obtain STAB or not its power will vary.

In addition to your comment, like I said it varies. So you would need a neutral subject to test it and some super effective subjects and resisting subjects also.

DB page on Hidden Power

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Sorry if the question doesn't make sense, but i meant the base power, from 30-70. So how do you know the base power?
You mean how they found the BP or how much it will have?
In your answer it said 'The base power ranges from 30-70' how do you find out if it has 30 base power , 70 base power or anywhere between.
I just found another way, I went  http://www.serebii.net/games/iv-calcdp.shtml , completed it then clicked 'Calculate Hidden Power' and it also gave me the hidden powers base power!