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I have left two Pokemon in the Daycare and they had an egg
and I want to know if they can only have one egg.
Can they?
Or Do I have to take them out and put them back in?
Do I have to get two more Roselias and put them in the Daycare?
Thanks to whoever answers!!! :)


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No. Pokemon can produce an unlimited amount of Eggs. So you would not have to get more Roselia; just leave them in Day Care for a while and eventually they'll have another Egg.

Source: Experience.

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Pokemon in the daycare can have multiple eggs if you leave them in there and the man tells you.

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You can get an unlimited number of eggs from two compatible Pokémon, but they only lay eggs one at a time. You would have to walk another 255 steps after getting notification of a PKMN laying an egg before you have another opportunity of picking up another egg.
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it can have more eggs just walk or ride a bike, it may take awhile

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there is no limit to how many eggs the Pokemon can make. all you have to do is keep walking. depending on what Pokemon it is sometimes it will take more steps to produce eggs. if you obtain the oval charm by completing the unova dex then they will produce eggs with less steps.