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BESIDES: fearow , noctowl , pigeot , or sakarmory please!


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Ok so just going through the pokedex now, and one I notice who you don't have is Crobat.

It's first evo, Zubat, is obtainable in several places. List is here
It evolves into it's secondary stage at level 22. Then you simply need to evolve it into Crobat with happiness. This would happen between the levels that you indicate (27-36) You now have a strong, fast Pokemon who is capable of a few different roles. I will post some movesets that I like to use in-game.

Annoyer Set
- Confuse Ray
- Mean Look/Toxic/Steel Wing
- Fly
- Double Team

So you can use Confuse Ray the opponent which allows you to set up some Double Teams while they blunder about. You can also use Mean Look but as in-game opponents tend not to switch out their Pokemon often you can go for another move, such as Toxic to poison stall your opponent, or Steel Wing as coverage. Fly gives you a powerful STAB move and is useful in-game.

Physical Set
- Fly
- Poison Fang
- Steel Wing
- U-Turn/X-Scissor

The one thing Crobat lacks, is something to hit steel type Pokemon. It has access to Heat Wave but without EV training, it's not really worth it. And most people don't want to take the time to EV train in-game anyway. So that is where the move U-Turn comes in. Speed allows you to outspeed steel types and switch to someone more capable in smashing them. Steel Wing is coverage for Rock Types who threaten you. Fly is STAB and again useful in-game. Poison Fang is also STAB and has a nice chance to poison the target which will wear them down faster.

Stall Set
- Double Team
- Taunt
- Poison Fang/Toxic
- Fly/Roost

So here you have a stall set. Double Team ensures they won't be hitting you often, if at all. Taunt is to prevent them shutting you down with their own status moves. Toxic works better if you want immediate status, you can go Poison Fang if you're ok with the chance of status. Roost is recovery, Fly is STAB attack, whichever you decide to go for.

So there is one of your two flying types, I will continue looking for more although options are somewhat limited. Yanmega and Butterfree are two I am currently looking at, but, we shall see.

So after some comparison I think Yanmega would be my preferred choice. It has some nice abilities available in-game. Speed Boost and Tinted Lens respectively. It can be found on Route 35 in Johto as it's pre-evolved form, Yanma. To evolve it you must have it learn Ancient Power which you can do via the move rememberer. It's primary function, is speed sweeping. So here is a set that provides decent coverage.

Special Sweeper Set
If using Speed Boost
- Protect
- Air Slash
- Bug Buzz
- Shadow Ball/Giga Drain

If using Tinted Lens
- Air Slash
- Bug Buzz
- Giga Drain
- Shadow Ball/Psychic

So Protect on Speed Boost is to get your first boost and thus outspeed nearly everything. The rest is powerful moves with Shadow Ball being coverage and Giga Drain for HP Recovery. The second has more moves as protect would not serve much other than scouting. So now you have the option of using either Shadow Ball or Psychic as your fourth move.

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