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I'm having horrible time beating Claire's kingdra. For whatever the blasted reason, my dewgong is having a 80% miss rate no matter what move I use. Her two dragonairs and gyardos are no problem.

How should I properly beat it since I finally got it down via struggle?  I had an amphors (sp?) ready to go but know that fight would been long as well.
Well did the Kingdra use Smoke Screen?
It's a Shame you don't have heart gold, because mantine is quite helpful when fighting kingdra
Yeah, it was the last thing used and dewgong was still in there and its attack\sp attack couldn't be lowered anymore.  This is why kingdra ended up using struggle.
Smokescreen doesn't lower your attack, it lowers your accuracy? If that's the move you're talking about.
Yeah, sorry, got so upset of missing my attacks I forgot what it done.  I just wish I found an easier and "proper" way of taking it down.

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You just need to level up more, since anything in game can be defeated with your Pokemon if you're at a high enough level; another method is to status Kingdra with Thunder Wave or Toxic & stall your way out.

Dewong also doesn't have very good defences, so try to find something that's got better defences & some useful resistances, maybe another bulky water type like Slowking/ Vaporeon or a steel type like Magnezone. All of Kingdra's moves are special, so Slowking will be better than Slowbro in this case.

I tried my own dragonair but it was one shot with dragon pulse.
Never use a Dragon pokemon at a Dragon gym. It's weak to its own type, so there's no point in using one unless it's at a higher level than the gym leader's strongest Pokemon.

Also, Kingdra is a final evolution, Dragonair is a secondary evolution, meaning its stats are not as good as Kingdra's.