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I want to teach my Beartic FRost Breath, but it is only 80 Power. I need an Item to increase it's power. Which Item is it?


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You could raise the power of its ice type moves with the following items:

-Icicle Plate
-Ice Gem (disappears after used)

The Power of it's physical attacks:

-Muscle Band
-Choice Band
-Expert belt( If supereffective)
-Life Orb
-Ice Gem ( generally powers up all ice type moves by 1)

Special Attacks:

-Wise Glasses
-Choice Specs

Items that raise the critical hit ratio:

-Scope Lens
-Razor Fang

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And the nature Sniper raises the power of critical hits by 3 instead of one. Popular pokemon with this ability: Kingdra and Drapion.
Where could I get the Scope Lens or Razor Fang?
You don't want those. They raise the chance of a crit, not the power. No item raises a crit's power.
~You need to go to the Battle Company of Castelia City. On the 47th floor, a scientist in the lower right will give you a Scope Lens.~: Mewderator. But like what Poke'Slash said, it doesn't raise the  power of critical hits. It just raises the chances
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There is no item that raises the power of critical hits

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