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jesie arabok
james weezzing
ash pidgeot
ash butterfree
ash primeape

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What exactly is the question? Are you asking if these pokemon are going to appear again in the anime and if so when? And you want to know where to obtain this information if it exists?
yes these pokemon
 jessie arark
james weezing
ash pidgeot
ash primeape

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Weezing and Arbok have been released to guard a group of Ekans and Koffing.
Butterfree was released also, to accompany a Shiny Butterfree.
Ash's Pidgeot was left to guard a flock of Pidgey and Pidgeotto, and Ash did say he would come back for it. Possibility.
Ash's Primeape was left in training. Remember that Charizard was left to train as well, and eventually came back. Perhaps this will be the same with Primeape, but not very likely.
No exact information can be given, because these haven't happened yet.

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That butterfree wasn''t shiny, it was just coloured like that to show it  was female. Anime logic.
She was created before alternate colored Pokémon appeared in the games...-Bulbapedia

Charizard shall return! Primape and pidgeot shall as well, but in flashbacks.