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Latios @ Choice Scarf

Landorus-Therian @ Choice Scarf

Rotom-W @ Choice Scarf

Tier: OU

It really depends on what move you're locked into.
Well Mamoswine hits Lando and Latios hard. So I would consider him a threat. Some threats would be scarfed to outspeed and KO. Others who might be able to tank a hit and return one.
Or Sash andf Return 030
Sash Endeavor SR Mamoswine has a field's day with the first two. NastyPass Celebi has a lot of fun with Rotom-W.
Regular Mamoswine has a field day with them >.>
I'm sorry, I don't play OU that much. God. I'm just trying to help.
Trick Room. :P
Abomasnow. It's easy to cover but it is not advisable to switch in. Also gastrodon may be an issue

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Well, there are quite a few, but assuming you have more than one Pokemon left, it means you can switch out from certain threats like Mamoswine & Skill Link Cloyster.

Latios: Pursuit Scizor, Weavile & T-Tar; Scarfed Weavile (it happens); Sucker Punch Toxicroak

Landorus-T: Ice Shard Mamoswine & Weavile

Rotom-W: nothing too obvious. Breloom would be a threat, but with Choice Scarf you can escape with Volt Switch.

Otherwise, Choice Scarf Skill Link Cinccino with Bullet Seed will outspeed Rotom-W, and anything with Chlorophyll on a sun team, like Lilligant, Venusar & Shiftry.

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