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I am new to competitive battling and would like to know some of the more popular threats in each tier. Also, please give suggestions on how to counter these Pokemon.

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Im going to be quite general and give you the top 10 most used in each tier. 1 is the most used, 10 is the 10th most used. Note: the order may be a little inaccurate but generally if it is wrong it's the same Pokemon with a slightly different order. These are stats from october so don't yell at me in the comments.

1- Primal-groudon
2- Xerneas
3- Arceus
4- Darkrai
5- Mewtwo
6- Kyogre
7- Greninja
8- Ho-Oh
9- Yveltal
10- Salamence

1- Talonflame
2- Heatran
3- Scizor
4- Landorus-T
5- Rotom-wash
6- Garchomp
7- Charizard
8- Skarmory
9- Gengar
10- Ferrothorn

1- Salamence
2- Swampert
3- Donphan
4- Crobat
5- Hydreigon
6- Forretress
7- Beedrill
8- Nidoking
9- Chandelure
10- Empoleon

1- Hitmonlee
2- Exploud
3- Alomomola
4- Flygon
5- Banette
6- Meloetta
7- Rhyperior
8- Sharpedo
9- Hitmontop
10- Tyrantrum

1- Audino
2- Lanturn
3- Drapion
4- Magmortar
5- Golbat
6- Sandslash
7- Rotom-C
8- Registeel
9- Malamar
10- Gurdurr
Note: From experience I would also worry about sawk, scyther and mismagius.

I couldn't find any usage stats, but reading this will help a lot, consider Pokemon listed there threats in PU.

Little Cup
1- Mienfoo
2- Pawniard
3- Fletchling
4- Spritzee
5- Chinchou
6- Staryu
7- Drilbur
8- Diglett
9- Abra
10- Timburr

I hope this helps you in your future endeavors.

Source: http://stats.pokemon-online.eu/past-stats/october-2015/

Pokemon Showdown usage statistics > Pokemon Online. They're more reliable and showdown is ,ore popular. You also didn't say how to counter anything
I find usage stats of showdown confusing. And i assumed that for eacb tier you could research for each pokemon. I had already spent half an hour on this, I think it might have gotten a bit ridiculous by then.
You could have just picked relevant threats and explained them. Would have taken about 20 minutes. And just because you find them confusing other people should have the option of looking at the better stats. Golbat isn't even NU for one, it's RU. I'm not having at go at you btw, just pointing things out.
For Showdown!, you could look at Smogon's viability rankings.