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I have a new 3ds XL, I have had it since May 11, and today was the first time I tried to access the eShop since I just found out about the Pokemon Dream Radar. But when I have turned on my wireless communications and go into the eShop, it says:

>Error Code: 005-4270
An error has occurred. Please try again later.
If the problem persists, please visit support.nintendo.com.

I tried this morning and now, and the same thing has happened. What should I do?
I have tried standing in front of my router, and it still didn't work. I have looked it up online and most sources said that the best thing to do was call Nintendo.

Is there any other solution someone knows?

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Didn't see the Pokemon part sry
Lol it's ok yeah I am doing all of this for the Dream Radar :)

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I remember that error code was plaguing a lot of people when it first launched. The only thing besides restarting the device is check your WiFI settings on your 3DS and to check your wireless router if there is anything preventing your 3DS from accessing the store DNS wise. A lot of times it's based on the type of security your router has that stops services like the eShop and such from loading.

Source(s): Nintendo 3ds Community

Helpful Link: Nintendo Customer Service


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Ok thanks... I will try that.
Thanks, I figured out what the problem was! Sorry for the late BA :)
Nor problem ;)