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I'm pretty sure the games glitched. Flint and Volkner are blocking the entrance to the Battle Frontier, and won't let me pass. Meanwhile, Wake is just stand out near Stark Mountain annd won't talk to me, and 2 Galactic grunts and the scientist are blocking me from catching Heatran. So, is there a way to fix any of this WITHOUT restarting my game?

What do all of those people say when you talk to them? (If you are able to anyway)
Did you talk to Flint and Volkner? They should let you through, if you do. You also have to fill up your National (meaning Sinnoh) Pokedex before going to catch Heatran.
Is your game real or is it a patched rom?
The scientist, Galactic grunts, and Wake don't talk at all, I can talk to Flint and Volkner and they say something about wanting to battle me and my rival(who I can't find anywhere), and the game is real, not a rom.
Here's what should have happened:
You beat the Elite Four, checked out Twinleaf and Sandgem Town(talk to everyone), and went to Snowpoint City to take the ship to the Battle Frontier. Once there, you will find Flint and Volkner. After talking to them, they challenge you and your rival(who should have met up with you) to battle.

Is anything other than that happened, your game is glitched.

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I think I found your problem.

So you arrive at the Battle Frontier. Flint an Volkner block your entrance to the Battle Frontier. You are meant to battle them but you can't without the National Dex. The people around the Battle Frontier are basically there to direct you to completing the National Dex.
So yeah, you need to get the National Dex. If you already have it then your game is glitched. :/