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i cant seem to get through the fight area! i was wandering what i have to do to just get past it beacuse i am bursting to get a heatran! that and im getting bored of the battle factory even though you can get lv.100 poke but i am only interested in getting to resort area finding heatran and so and so! so plz help me !

You'll have to train your Pokemon. I would suggest training them to level 65.
Info on the Fight Area: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Fight_Area

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First off, visit the Battle Fronier, I'm pretty sure that you battle Flint and Volkner at the gate. After that go through the gate of the Battle Frontier. Leave and surf through a body of water to the east of the Fight Area. You will eventually reach land, trainers, and grass. After you get to the Resort Area, go north through a route with sandstorm weather. At the end, go through a gate at the west and go north to stark mountain. Go with buck through Stark mountain and he gets something from the cavern that Heatran will be in. Talk to him in the Survival Area. Go back to Stark mountain in that cavern and hopefully Heatran is there. I caught one. Hope it's the same for you.
Source: Personal Experience

I don't think so. You might need the National Dex.
No. You don't need a National Dex. I realized that I caught it without one.
how do you do that?!