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I heard from this dude swimming in tiny pool outside the ribbon syndicate that there was something in the tiny pond with the bridge and to use my super rod.

So I used it three times on every tile and all I found were level 30-86 magikarp.

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That's exactly it - high-level Magikarp.

It doesn't sound that great but you just need to level it up one and you got yourself a high-level Gyarados!!

wow that is great becuase i have alot of rare candies from haveing my delcatty use covet on the boss of the made knock out
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in that bit of water,using a super rod,you can catch Magikarp with a level 1 - 100.

the thing that lurks in the resort area is a level 100 Magikarp.

there is also a level 69 gyarados in the pond.
The only thing is that you can't evolve a lv.100 magikarp...
A lv. 99 is good, I caught one once.
Wait does the evolved Gyarados know any of his learnset moves?
I'm pretty sure i would want to catch a lvl.99 magikarp to evolve it and have a lvl.100 Gyarados who only knows Tackle, Flail and Splash.