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Beat the pokemon league and find your friend in snowpoint city and talk to him>He will take you to the Fight area. Go right through Fight Area to the next route and you'll be in resort Area.

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To go to to The Fight Area and the Resort Area and Survival Area, etc., you must first defeat the Pokemon League your first time, and then fly to Snowpoint City. If you go to the entrance and go to the ship, your friend/rival whaterveryou call it, should be standing there. If you talk to him he will take you to Fight Area. If you acheive all you have to do there, the guys blocking the entrances to the Routes will be gone. Now you can pass through.

To the east is Resort area, to the North is Survivial area, and east from there and the north takes you to Stark Mountain where you can capture Heatran.

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To go to the fight area you must beat the elite four, go to snowpoint city and talk to your friend by the ship , that will take you to the fighting area.
But if you want to go to the resort area you must complete the sinnoh pokedex

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