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I'm at the Battle Tower in Sinnoh and I only recorded my first battle. When wanting to record another one then it asks for deleting the previous one. How can I record multiple videos? and if not then how can I save my videos on the global terminal or in the Pokemon Center PC or wherever?

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No it can’t because it can’t record outside the battles.
It can record wireless battles.
If you don't like the answer, do you want me to put this question back on the unanswered list?
Off course! My question was definitely not answered. I still need to how I can record more than one battle and how I can upoad them somewhere without Wi-Fi connection.
Without Wi-Fi? I don't think you can. Unless you're using Wiimfii. Can I edit your question to include that information? Would be important to get effective answers.
Yes you can!
Also I'm playing on Drastic Ds Emulator so wifi is sort of an unknown for me.
I hate to backseat mod about this, but if nobody says it, you may not learn. It's a good thing you didn't mention that before - we don't generally allow questions about emulators on this site and they will be closed, because we do not support stealing Nintendo's property through emulation (it could lead to legal threats).

Also on that note I don't think even Wiimmfi will work with those. You may not have another alternative in that case.

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No it can't record more than one video. This is how you can save multiple videos:

Pink Room
This one is used to view and upload videos of battles. The first option allows the player to view battles. It can be searched by the last thirty that were uploaded, choosing the Trainer and the type of battle or by putting in numbers. The second option allows the player to upload their own battle. Several numbers are given which are used in searching for it. - bulbapedia

Hope I helped!

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I'm playing on Drastic Ds emulator so wifi is sort of an unknown for me
That means you can only record 1 video, sorry :(