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I have begun using the VS. Seeker and was wondering how many times can you use it on one trainer? I used it on some before Elite 4, now it basically says to wait a little bit, so does that mean I can keep battling the same people over and over? And if so, what's the amount of time I have to wait before fighting them again (or cooldown)?



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The Vs seeker can be used on a trainer as many times as you want. When it says to wait a bit, it means you have to take more steps. It functions every 100 steps. So just run a bit more if it doesn't work.

I know about the 100 steps, but how come I still took another 100 steps and tried it on a trainer I just battled with the VS. Seeker and it says to wait a bit? Did I maybe not choose the same trainer by accident?
It's mainly to have continuity. It wouldn't make sense for a trainer's pokemon to evolve that quickly in about five seconds, even if they had  rare candies. Just leave for a while, battle somewhere else, and they should come back different.