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I had a rematch with the Jubilife TV reporter and the Cameraman at Hearthome city and there levels were the same at 22 while mine are 35+. How do the levels of Pokemon of trainers with Vs. Seekers infront of their names, increase?
How does the game function in this regard? I thought the game modified changes according to the users Pokemon levels.


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This is how the Vs. Seeker works: After taking 100 steps, there is a chance that any trainer you have defeated will request a rematch. Along with this, some trainers may have higher level Pokemon. The Jubilife Trainers in Hearthome are apart of that group. Rematch trainers don't actually just scale to your level, instead, their levels will change depending on your location in the story. So in order to get them to have higher Pokemon, you'll have to go progress a bit. Hope this helps




I don't understand. They appear in the city's Pokemon center and it states "Depending on the game progress, these Trainers will have teams with higher leveled Pokémon upon rematch"
I don't understand "game progress" because my Pokemon are at a higher level and their Pokemon should be too.
game progress doesn't mean 'levels' it means 'badges'
What he said ^