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At the moment I have been using: Gravler, 2 gyardoses, megauim,Ho-oh and Pigeot

Please give us the movesets so we'll be able to answer.
Gravler has Rock Smash, Rock Climb,Magnitude and Rock Throw.
Gyardose1 has Dragon Rage, Waterfall, Surf and Whirlpool.
Gyardose2 has Dragon Pulse, Hyper Beam, Bite and Hydro Pump.
megaium has Razor Leaf, Cut, Strength, and Magical leaf.
Ho-oh has Fly, Shadow Ball, Fire Blast and sacred Fire.
pigeot uses Fly, Quick attack, wing attack and Twister.
I know they're not the best moves so... plus Gyardose is spelt wrong so soz...
No offense, but your team and your movesets suck, again no offense and please don't be offended
Oh, and the red trainer is called Red

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I would suggest a fighter type Pokemon in place of one of the two gyrados. IF I remember right, Red\Ash has Pickachu, Charizard, Venasaur, Blastoise, Snorlax (toughest of them all IMO), and possibly a Dragonite. You'll need an ice move or two to handle the Dragonite. You may want to replace your Pigeot with an Ice type.

He doesn't have dragonite, he has a lapras