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They look exactly the same and have the same Frontier Brains, so I was thinking that maybe they were the same one. Maybe there are just two entrances; one in Sinnoh, and the other in Johto? Was it ever mentioned in the games? The anime says it's in Kanto, but I think that was referring to Emerald's Battle Frontier, which also makes me think: Are there actually 2 Battle Frontiers?

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My Illogical Theory

Well... no.

Johto and Sinnoh are miles away. Sinnoh's Battle Frontier is in the Battle Area place northeast of Sinnoh, and Johto's is somewhere near Olivine. They definitely look the same, but I don't think they're the same due to the HUGE geographical difference. Sorry. :3

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Oh yeah, I forget the whole geography of the games. So are there just 2 Frontiers? And what about the one in Emerald?
The one in Emerald is completely different from all other generations, so yeah, that's only for it's own reason.
Ok, thanks a lot!