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Pretty straightforward. Ofc without species clause.

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Victory Star raises the accuracy of both the user and its partners by 10% in Double and Triple Battles.

Unless you were in a triple battle(where you can have two Victini and an extra) it wouldn't stack :P

Source: Bulbapedia

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Victini needs to be on the field for its ability to be in effect, at least according to marriland, so the answer is no. However if you had a double or triple battle team of only victini, then it would stack. Correct me if I'm wrong. Hope this helped

Sorry Brotad I was in the middle of something >.< then I had to leave and I didn't see you answered until after
Oh its fine i do that all the time
And why wouldn't they stack if it were a doubles battle? Just have 2 Victini's.
Or three in a triple :3
Well it would but Victini would need to be out so to get it to stack two Victini would need to be out and two out at a time is what a double is lol.
Then why in your answer did you say it'd have to a a triple battle?
Because, V=Victini and O=other.

V+O= no stack just normal accuracy boost

V+V= stacked accuracy boost but you can't have the choice of O