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I know that its allies will only be boosted in double and triple battles, but will it work for Victini in single battles? Bulbapedia says nothing about it.

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>You and your team mates receive an accuracy increase.
Accuracy for the Pokémon and Allys is raised by 10%

Yes. You get the boost.

On the Smogon page for Victini in X/Y (Singles) it says this;
>Bolt Strike hits the bulky Water-types that resist Fire, 2HKOing 248/244 Slowbro, and has 93% accuracy with Victory Star.

This implies it works fine in singles, or else Smogon wouldn't be doing calculations with Victory Star factored in.


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Yeah that's what got me wondering. It says nowhere that it works for Victini in single battles, it may only work for it if it's a double/ triple battle. Sorry if that wasn't clear :/
mm alright I edited in some stuff from Smogon
Alright nice. Bolt Strike was the reason I asked in the first place so yeah xD