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I don't have Victini, but last night I did this and I saw Victini's area page. I got the game new. Wasn't a used gamed.

  • I went to Druddigon's pokedex page
    I went to Druddigon's area & choose Dragonspiral Tower & choose View Details
    I went to Pokemon you catch by fishing & choose Dragonite
    I went back twice
    Victini's area

I choose INFO and it said error, I choose CRY & my DS froze, I couldn't turn off my DSi XL, I even took out the game card & the music started out like route 7 for a few secondsthen went like a skipping CD.

  1. Does any one know why
  2. What does this glitch do
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Yes it works with mine also.  You can go to several Poke'mon that are in the Nationaldex but not in the Unovadex.  Such as Politoad, Poliwag, and (in this case) Dragonite.  It's quite weird and it works for all the games because i've tested it on two games.  I came upon the glitch myself.  If you go to the FORMS, it shows Victini and it says that there has been 0 seen, 0 shiny seen.  Weird.
have you used a gameshark?
wow.i tried to do it,but when I got to dragonite,there was no area.i turned my ds off and never tried to do it again.

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This will still happen if your game cartridge isn't damaged. It's just a normal glitch on every gen V game. You don't usually loose data over it, it just says an error occurred and you turn in off and on again and it's fine.

I'm guessing you have turned it off by now. I've never heard of the glitch playing music and stuff if you remove the game cartridge. It's probably still fine.

Usually this glitch happens when you view some Pokémon data look on area go on fishing list and view another one and press b twice. So in future don't do this.

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I have never heard of this... the only possibility I can think of is that your game cartridge
is damaged....

or maybe its a cursed cartridge
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