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  1. What does it mean if a person in Join Avenue says "I'm feeling very motivated today."?
  2. How many EVs does training a Pokemon give it? For example, If I train my Pokemon in Speed once, how many EVs did it gain?

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  1. I can't find anything about this which makes me think it's nothing at all. I'll still be looking however, and I'll edit if I do find something.

2.Power Lunches increase EVs by 20
Secret Dishes increase EVs by 48

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by 20?! great, that's about 15 more than I expected. :P
But wait, that's the lunches. i'm asking about the training at the Fitness places.
oh well that's fairly easy :P

If it says Speed lvl 4, then it raises by 4. So the amount of EVs you get is the same as the level. It goes up to lvl 64 O.O
1. Still looking.

:P guess what? I'm still looking.
meh, you've looked so long you deserve BA.