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When buying attack Lv. 32 would that be 252- 32? Also when using 10 proteins would that be 252-100

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For both questions, yes, it would.

Question 1
Assuming you hadn't trained your 'Level. 32 Attack' recipient at all EV wise, yes, it would grow by 32 points.

Question 2
A protein will raise the Attack EV by 10 points, so 10 Proteins will be 100 Attack EVs. Yes. But it will still cost 98000 dollars. xD

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Attack Lv. 32 gives you Pokemon 32 Attack EVs (AKA Effort Values). Using 10 Proteins will give you 100 Attack EVs. A Pokemon can have up to 255 EVs per stat, and 510 EVs total. If you give your Pokemon the 32 EVs and 10 proteins, it will have 132 Attack EVs. Therefore, you will have to train it in Victory Road in order to gain the rest of the 120 EVs that you Pokemon didn't earn yet. Some good Physical attackers are Metagross, Scizor, Garchomp, Terrakion, Landorus-T, Excadrill, Swampert, and the Infamous Tyranitar (AKA Teetar). I just Listed for you a whole bunch of Pokemon that would work with sandstorm. :)

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