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Does the Dojo in join avenue EV train your Pokemon when you select an option like HP Level .1? If so how many EVs do you get per level of training?

Yeah it's EV training but I don't know by how much.
I have an answer ready, but I want to clarify on what you want to know. Do you want to know about how many EV's you get when you LEVEL UP in the Dojo, or when you use a thing Attack Level 8.
Each level so like Level 1 HP how many EVs is that?

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You gain one point for every level. So if it says Attack Level 1, you gain a point in the attack stat. If it says Attack Level 4 you get 4 points added to your attack stat. Since it takes 4 Evs to raise a point you take the level and multiply by 4 and thats how many Evs you earn.

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