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According to the Serebii's Nugget ItemDex entry there are two Nuggets available in Mt. Mortar. One hidden and one visible. I've searched a while, and now I'm asking this question.

Is it possible to find those two Nuggets without Rock Climb?
And also, is it possible to get the Dojo Master's Tyrogue before beating the Elite Four? (I find that question a little obvious, but I still want a confirmed answer)

And just to add onto that (xD) where is Rock Climb obtained? I know it's in Kanto somewhere.
Anyhow, thank you. :)


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The hidden Nugget requires Rock Climb. The Tyrouge can be received before the Elite Four, but you need Surf and Waterfall. Rock Climb is given to you by Professor Oak after defeating all the Kanto Gym Leaders. :3

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Answered another thing I didn't know. I thought Rock Climb was only to be given to you by defeating the Johto League. O_O

Upvote and selected answer. Thank you. :D