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I was playing my Pokémon Platinum, then I noticed my bidoof was holding a Oval stone. I got the stone from it, and continued playing. The next day, I got another Oval stone from it. Is there something wrong with my Bidoof?

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is your Bidoof hacked to get Pickup Ability?

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I believe so. It would have been normal if bidoof had the ability pick-up but it doesn't. Pick-up lets your Pokemon frequently pick-up items. The only other way is if your bidoof has the move thief and used it on a chansey,... Other then this there is no-other way. There is probavly just a misfit in your game. At least you can now collect free oval stones.

Hope this helped

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My Mom's in Johto for vacation and she bought me one. :P Also, I have Sucker Punch. Watch out, dudes.
Haha Sucker Punch Im using Fake out
Fake out, puh, Inner focus xP
I just noticed, i had been trying to get lucky eggs....... Probably that's why..... Ty