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I'm confused......
I've always thought FR/LG was Gen I because it was in the Kanto region, and the same for HG/SS but I thought it was Gen II.
I think I'm wrong now, but I'm really not sure.


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Yes they are. FR/LG is considered 3rd gen and HG/SS is considered 4th gen. This is because you can get Pokemon from 2nd and 3rd gen in FR/LG and you can get Pokemon from 3rd and 4th gen in HG/SS. Also, in FR/LG there are 3rd gen mechanics such as abilitites and natures as well as items and other 3rd gen features and HG/SS has 4th gen mechanics, abilities, etc.

Source: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Pokemon_games
(My source also marks FR/LG as 3rd gen and HG/SS as 4th gen)

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Simply put, yes.