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Ok, so I know that Blue, Red and yellow are the first Pokemon RPG games, and FireRed and LeafGreen are the remakes, but come on! who doesnt want to play in the Kanto region with 7 gens of Pokemon instead of 1 and a completely updated graphics system? Switch should have this, but does any one know if this is gonna happen ??

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as Sir terlor said, kanto remakes are likeley. but remakes of remakes is just ridiculous. I'm hoping for volt yellow and sea blue.
Why would anyone want updated graphics?!
Why wouldn't they? I would love an updated version of the Gen 4 games. Everyone has different preferences.
Because displays covered in big squares are prettier than displays covered with slanted lines (or the even worse abomination, curves).
I loved the gen 3 graphics. it would be cool if we had tropical yellow, where you have a pikachu in kanto and afterwards head to alola where after a few trials there is a glorious cutscene where pikachu evolves into alolan raichu, who could be the games mascot. and you could receive raichuiniumZ at the "nugget bridge" in malie garden from kukui. I'm going of topic aren't I?

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There hasn't been official confirmation or information about the remakes but Pokemon producer Junichi Masuda has stated that game freak is interested in investing in a full scale remake of the Kanto games.

Having a full-scale remake will make the game even better as Junichi Masuda announced that they are interested in doing this project.

Source. (According to ign)

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