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Hello all,

I am looking to get back into playing pokemon. I've only played the original, Red. Is there a guide on how to obtain all possible pokemon? Do I need to start from Red/Blue/Green/Yellow or can I jump straight into Black/White? I will have the ability to transfer/migrate to myself.


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I don't think you can get all Pokemon with just b/w but you can probably get it if you can get Pokemon fire red,leaf green,ruby, sapphire,emerald.Then you have to migrate the Pokemon to diamond,pearl,or platinum then transfer them to b/w.Pretty complicated process.Wish you good luck

So I won't need Yellow/Red/Blue/Gold/Silver/Crystal?
correct because gen II and gen I can not migrate to gen III because of evs and other stuff
What about trading from Yellow/Red/Blue/Gold/Silver/Crystal or are all those pokemon attainable in some other way?
HG/SS and Firered/LeafGreen