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I know that wireless trading was added to these games, and I think there was some way of obtaining Mew on these games as well, wondering what we can expect with regard to the obsolete 15-type system, Missingno, random glitches, critical hit mechanics, IVs, Focus Energy, etc.

We won't know until they're released :|
it's gonna be exactly like the first ones, as far as i can tell. there's a mew event announced, and i'm sure that glitches will be fixed. i doubt the new types will be in the game.. that would be an awful idea. it wouldn't be a virtual console title, it'd just be a remake

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IGN quotes Nintendo saying that "[The Core Games] will be presented exactly as they were with the exception of wireless trading and the inclusion of Mew events in European language companies."

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so we can catch Missingno. and repeatedly corrupt our saves? Sounds like fun!
I hope so