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I can't find a tutor in Black 2 who can teach it.


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Blaziken:go to the move rememberer and give her a heart scale,select the move(blaze kick) that you want to remember. how to get a hart scale:talk to the lady in the building closest to the pwt with blond hair,show her a Pokemon that knows the move she asks,she will then give you a heart scale.
Lucario:get a female lucario amd a male blaziken/hitmonlee that knows blaze kick
you will result in a riolu knowing blaze kick

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Blaze kick is not taught from the move tutor.

Blaziken learns it through leveling up at level 36, right when it evolves from combusken. If it is past level 36, go to the PWT with a heart scale and talk to one of the people in the stands to reteach it blaze kick.

Lucario learns it through breeding. You have to breed a female lucario with a male blaziken or hitmonlee and then the baby riolu should know it.

Source: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Blaze_Kick

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Blaziken- Blaziken will learn Blaze Kick by either going to Blackthorn City to the Move Remember-er and teach it Blaze Kick in exchange for a Heart Scale. Either that, or if you have a Combusken, evolve it. Once it evolves into a Blaziken, it'll will say it wants to learn Blaze Kick.

Lucario- For a Lucario, you have to do some breeding, since Blaze Kick is a breeding move for Lucario. So, you get a female Lucario and put it in the Day-Care with a male Pokemon that knows Blaze Kick like a Blaziken or a Hitmonlee. In result, you should get a baby Riolu that knows Blaze Kick.

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