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I've used it before and it hasn't failed me even once.
Many people yell me it isn't really good.
Not that I use a Blaziken but I just want to know.

Not really, it's only 60 base power, 90 with STAB. Even if it might break Focus Sashes or Substitutes, it's really weak. Frankly, Sky Uppercut, or if you rather take the risk, Hi Jump Kick is better in terms of power. But hey, it's your choice..
most of the time when you evolve Torchic into Combusken it'll ask you if you want to teach it Double Kick and replace another move with it. When i had him in ORAS I used it a ton of times even against Norman the Normal type gym leader and Roxanne the Rock type gym leader. It was a helpful move in battles that have types that are weak to fighting type pokemon.

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Double Kick: 30 BP Physical Move.(Fighting Type)
Each "Kick" would give you an approximated Base Power of 45 thus achieving a total of around 90.
One kick may or may not break a Substitute. Whereas Hi Jump Kick, the preferred Fighting type move has a base power of 130 which gives you an approximate base power of 195. That is why Double Kick is not used much on Blaziken.

The approximated base powers are not exact and the final damage might be more or less.

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Actually HJK would have 195 BP with STAB but thanks/1