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Planned set:
Adamant Nature
252 Atk/252 Spd/4 Hp
Held item: Blazikenite
-Blaze Kick
-High Jump Kick
I really don't know. And should I replace Blaze Kick?

You have nothing with good acc.  Last move could be brave bird and repace HJK with sky uppercut maybe
Naw Flare Blitz > Blaze Kick really, Blaziken needs that kind of power for a successful sweep. Also it's a glass cannon, so HJK and Flare Blitz are almost compulsory for it to do it's job.
Brave bird for ground types

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The best move to go there is definitely Stone Edge or Knock Off.The latter is the superior option, but since it needs PokeBank and not everyone has that, Stone Edge is a viable alternative.

  • Knock Off has fairly obvious reasons. Good power, knocks off the opponent's held item.
  • Stone Edge cracks Ho-oh and other flying types which could threaten Blaziken, and also catching any Talonflame that thinks it's safe to switch in off guard.
  • Swords Dance is a good choice as well, as Blaziken can at times forgo coverage for sheer power.
  • Lastly Baton Pass is also an option, to pass down the speed boosts and any other accumulated boosts from Swords Dance and other things.

Hope I helped!

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