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I'm making a team I need a really good fire type that's fast and has a good attack stat

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Well, lets compare first. Blaziken has lower speed, but it's hidden ability is speed boost. That and Swords dance make a great combo. It also learns awesome moves such as Brave Bird, Flare Blitz, and Hi Jump Kick. It has rather good special attack too, so Overheat is a good idea. Don't forget Stone Edge and Earthquake, which do alot of damage. Now for Infernape. Infernape has much better speed, and the hidden ability Iron Fist, which powers up Mach Punch, the elemental punches, and Close Combat. It is a good sub-puncher (substitute and Focus Punch) and knows Fake Out. Life Orb + Close Combat + Flare Blitz + Stone Edge/Earthquake makes a good sweeper. It can also learn Acrobatics and U-turn. Okay, comparing is over, and the Pokemon I pick is... Infernape! With great Attack and Speed, it would be a great addition to your team. I hope this helps! -Jellohamster

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This should basically answer your question. Infernape has the lower attack of the two, at base 104 its atk is pretty good. Blaziken is the slower of the two (an ok base 80 spd vs infernape's great base 108 spd) however, with speed boost, blaziken increases its speed every turn, outspeeding infernape after a single turn. Give it protect and youre guaranteed a boost, so that makes blaziken the superior at that point. Give it swords dance, flare blitz and hi jump kick, and you have one heck of a physical sweeper (an Ubers physical sweeper).

In short, I personally prefer blaziken, but infernape still has its merits

Yeah I also love blaziken's design, He is NOT a chicken.
This answer is awesome!