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I have to choose because I have a level 1 nincada
I m playing emerald

I'd like to point out that one nincada can yield both a ninjask and a shedinja.  You seem to imply that you'll only get one.  (extra pokeball and slot in party when nincada gets to level 20)

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I am so for Ninjask because of its speed and because it is an awesome swords dancer and baton passer as well as this that it has Speed Boost.

[email protected] Sash
Nature: Adamant
Ability: Speed Boost
Sword Dance (Boost its Attack)
Baton Pass (Just in case of a switch)
Protect (Gets you a free speed boost to sweep on the next turn)
X-Scissor (Powered up by Swords Dance it will kill)

This is for in game in emerald. Ninjask can't get x scissor in gen 3, as it doesn't exist yet.
OK then go with aerial ace
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They are both good Pokèmon, but I'd say that Ninjask is a good Baton Passer and Shedinja is an invincible wall . First up, Ninjask has almost unbeatable speed, even with a speed lowering nature. It has extremely low defencive stats, so its best to give it a a Focus Sash. Ninjask has the ability Speed Boost. Take advantage of the ability with this moveset:

[email protected] sash. Speed Boost

Protect: Painlessly activate Speed Boost.
Swords Dance: Raise your attack
Baton Pass: What do you do with all of that Attack? Baton Pass it!
X-Scissors: To do damage.

Next is Shedinja. 5/17 types hurt Shedinja. Just send Shedinja out as your last Pokemon, it may work. Here's my Shedinja moveset:

[email protected] Sash. Wonder Guard

Confuse ray: Confusion is awesome.
Toxic: Bad poison really hurts.
Will-O-Wisp: For Steel and poison types.
Dig: For Heatran and also to just be underground, waiting out the poison/burn.

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Ninjask is overall the more reliable option as it provides the rest of the Team with Boost through it's Ability in Speed Boost, access to Swords Dance, and more importantly Baton Pass. Ninjask is also superior to Shedninja in that it is capable of taking a hit, Shedninja has only 1 HP. And although it has the Wonder Guard as an Ability, the Bug and Ghost Pokemon is Weak against common Types such as Fire and Rock which mean it is bound to be hit despite its Ability. Although both have some Offensive capabilities, Ninjask is arguably better as it can outspeed its foes and KO before they have a chance to Attack, as opposed to.Shedninja who relies on a Weak Shadow Sneak.

Ninjask @ Focus Sash / Mental Herb
Trait: Speed Boost
EVs: 200 HP / 52 Atk / 252 Spd
Adamant Nature (+Atk, -SAtk)
- Aerial Ace / Baton Pass
- Baton Pass / Swords Dance
- Substitue
- Protect

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Seeing as this is gen 3 in game I'm actually going to argue for Shedinja, for several reasons

  1. Wondergaurd, obviously
  2. Entry hazards, and status, are rare in game
  3. What weaknesses it does have (dark ghost rock flying and fire) can be easily covered by other types, such as dark and rock.
  4. it base 90 atk isn't too bad

Its movepool is kind if limited, but here's a set you could try


[email protected] powder
Ability: wonder gaurd
Nature: adamant (as this is in game, any nature that doesn't reduce attack or speed is fine)
Shadow Ball
Silver Wind
Aerial Ace/Swords dance/dig

Sometimes your opponent will have a supereffective move against shedinja, and may be a surprise. Use protect and see if the opponent has a supereffective move. Then, you can switch out if need be, or proceed to attack. You then may set up with swords dance, which I recommend, or just wear down your opponent with attacks. As for the item, silver powder is nice as it boosts shedinja's less powerful STAB attack, but items like spell tag which boosts ghost type moves and lum berry which cures status are also good choices.

Hope this helped

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I dont like shedinja cuz of his back, You HAVE to see it if your battling.
Staring into the back of shedinja will remove your soul. I don't recommend looking at it. :)
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They're both awesome!Ninjask is fast as F-k Boi,and Shedinja is a invincible ghost(just kidding).I would choose both of them!But if you wanna have only one,well i'll give you the (possible) best movesets and stats for both of them in my opinion:

@Focus Sash/Leftovers
Nature:Adamant(for a bigger attack)
Ability:Speed Boost

Moveset:Double Team(It will be harder to hit Ninjask if you use it a lot of times)/Protect
Swords Dance(Raises Atk,and we know that Ninjask is an Physical Attacker)/Baton Pass(how others say)
Fury Cutter(Power doubles if it hits + STAB)
Slash(Pow.70 Acc.100)

Other moves:Aerial Ace(Pow.60 Acc.∞ + STAB)
Leech Life(Pow.80 Acc.100 + Recovers Hp + STAB)

@Focus Sash
Nature:Adamant(Raises Atk,so the Physical moves that I recomend will have a bigger power)
Ability:Wonder Guard(It's the only ability that Shedinja can have,so,yeah)

Moveset:Leech Life
Dig(with Wonder Guard,Shedinja cannot be hitted by Earthquake)
Aerial Ace/Metal Claw(for Rock types)
Confuse Ray/Shadow Ball

Other moves:Giga Drain(for Water types + Recovers Hp)
Double Team(to dodge Dark,Fire,Ghost,Rock attacks.)

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Umm, why have Giga Drain for healing? Shedinja only has 1 hp. If it needs healing, that means it has faitned, if not, that means it is a full hp. Giga Drain is probably one of the useless moves for Shedinja. Go with moveset of: Dig, Aerial Ace/Metal Claw, Shadow Ball, and Protect.