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Like I said last time, remember if you're using each of these in competitive, stick to their respective tiers if you even want to use them. Luckily they're all NU Pokemon!
Oh and if this is ingame, just use whichever one you like best since I use Magikarp and Feebas...
Oh and yay! sprites!


Typing: Bug
Stats: 65/73/55/47/75/85 (HP, Atk, Def, S.Atk, S.Def, Spe)
Abilities: Illuminate/Swarm/Pranskter
Tier: NU (Neverused)


  • Prankster is an awesome ability, increasing the priority of all moves by 1, and Volbeat has the support moveset to abuse it
  • The only Pokemon in the game, aside from Smeargle, that is able to Baton Pass Tail Glow boosts,
  • Useful resistances to Fighting and Ground


  • Can't do anything by itself
  • Mediocre bulk, kinda bad stats all around
  • Stealth Rock Weakness

In a nutshell: Good team player, but can't do crap by itself. Use on manual weather teams


Typing: Bug/Ghost
Stats: 1/90/45/30/30/40 (HP, Atk, Def, S.Atk, S.Def, Spe)
Abilities: Wonder Guard
Tier: NU (Neverused)


  • It's the only Pokemon with access to Wonder Guard, debateably the best ability in the game - it means nothing apart from super effective attacks and passive damage affect it.
  • Decent attack
  • Priority Shadow Sneak


  • Abysmal stats apart from Attack. Especially HP. 1 HP.
  • 1 HP means that all forms of entry hazard, any super effective attack, any damaging status, any damaging weather etc. will immedietly kill it
  • Limited movepool
  • 5 type weaknesses

In a nutshell: Cursed and Blessed. Can completely destroy unprepared teams, but most players have a way around it


Typing: Bug/Flying
Stats: 61/90/45/50/50/160 (HP, Atk, Def, S.Atk, S.Def, Spe)
Abilities: Speed boost/Infiltrator
Tier: NU


  • Speed boost is an excellent ability, coupled with Ninjask's access to moves like Substitute, Protect, Baton Pass and Swords Dance, making it an excellent baton passer
  • Blazing speed and decent attack


  • Bad bulk, and overall stats apart from speed and attack
  • Not strong enough to KO the opponent generally, and doesn't have the bulk to setup, so can't really be used by itself
  • Bad Typing - 4x weak to Stealth Rock

In a nutshell: Also an awesome team player, but does suffer from typing and bad bulk


Typing: Normal
Stats: 60 on everything
Abilties: Own Tempo/Tangled Feet/Contrary
Tier: NU (Neverused)


  • Superpower + Contrary may be able to boost Spinda's attack and defense to usable levels - that is if it doesn't die
  • STAB Rapid Spin. Oh wait It can't stay alive long enough to use it
  • You opponent might die laughing and end up timing out, giving you the win


  • Bad stats
  • Decent enough movepool, but bad stats to abuse it
  • Baton Pass + Superpower+Contrary is banned, meaning it can't even be a team player
  • The trivia question 'how many different spinda sprites are there' keeps on screwing me over

In a nutshell: Don't use him if you value your rating or your pride.

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ty so much for the help, and...
it looks like i'll need to use Spinda.