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I want my Salamence to have a good (by good I mean a massive damage attack) Flying-Type move, but I can't decide. I would use Fly but that's too predictable, and I don't know what other moves to teach it. Can someone help me (Using detail and solid reasoning).
My Salamence's ability is Intimidate and it currently knows these moves:





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Aerial Ace is a great option. It never misses, and in 2 turns it has 120 power as Fly only has 90(in 2 turns). Wonderful against annoying double teamers such as Ninjask.
Steel wing, although not a flying type move, is great coverage on ice and rock types. The only con is that it only has a little less accuracy,(90) but if you give it the zoom lens it will be 100 percent.

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A great move is Fly. There are few disadvantages, and It deals a fair amount of damage. It also pairs up well with Salamence's high attack stat, and even better, Salamence can learn it by leveling up in case you dont have the HM. Also, you are unattackable for 1 turn. This can make foes waste PP (power points) and lets you dodge moves like Sky Attack. I hope this helps! :)

You know you HAVE to get the HM right? xD
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This strategy only works in ORAS.
1. Teach Salamence Hyper Voice.
2. Mega Evolve it.
3. Use Hyper Voice on a Grass or Bug type.
4. Ever noticed the Super Effective sound it makes?
5. That is the Aerialate ability's job. It makes any Normal Type move into a Flying Type move.
6. One time I almost killed a Slaking with this strategy. (It might not count, due to Slaking having like 65 Sp. Defense.)

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Go for Dual Wingbeat! It's a great Sash breaking move, and has decent power. Otherwise, use Fly to avoid incoming attacks like a charmeleon!

Fly is horrible, people could just switch out to a flying resist and you would only scratch them.