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I'm bored.

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  • Rebattle strong trainers like Cynthia, Hugh, Cilan/Chili/Cress, Colress, N, Plasma Shadows, Gamefreak Nishino & Morimoto, Black Tower, E4
  • Raid Abyssal Ruins for $$$$$$
  • Breed Pokemon (I basically farmed a puppy mill with my Zoruas...)
  • Try and get some shiny Pokemon
  • Complete the Pokedex & get the Shiny Charm
  • Play Dream World
  • Competitive battling
  • Restart on challenge mode
  • Restart and do a challenge, like Nuzlocke, Wedlocke, Monotype, Solo, Randomiser etc.


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whats nuzlocke and that stuff?
Nuzlocke - complete the game with a team of Pokemon that haven't fainted. If one faints, it must be boxed or released. You must use the first available Pokemon encountered in an area, and no duplicates. HM slaves are exempt (if your existing party cannot learn certain HM moves)
Wedlocke - exactly like Nuzlocke, but the Pokemon are paired, i.e. married (or civil partnership, if you want). If one of the pair faints, both Pokemon must be boxed or released. HM slaves are exempt. (if your existing party cannot learn certain HM moves)
Monotype - complete the game with one type of Pokemon; if your starter isn't/ doesn't evolve into the type you picked, you can use it until you catch the type you picked. HM slaves are exempt.
Solo - complete the game with one Pokemon. HM slaves are allowed but you cannot battle with them.
Randomiser - use a Pokemon/ number randomiser to pick your team, and use those Pokemon (if available in your game).
Thanks! that must have been a pain to type
Nah not really; I've thought about doing a few of the challenges but haven't had the time, so I know all of them.
In Nuzlocke Don't your pokemon's levels have to be equal to or less than the Gym Leader's highest pokemon?
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There are many things to do:

  • Catch and/or see all unova Pokemon
  • Try to reach the master rank in the battle school in nimbasa city
  • Complete all Poke studio movies
  • Defeat the champions in the PWT
  • Complete the national dex
  • catch the shiny black Haxorus
  • Get your join avenue to level 100

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Well, nothing with the story but you can:

  • See and Catch every single Pokemon (Duh)
  • Become a breeding and EV training master
  • Battle any remaining postgame trainers (e.g. in Pinwheel Forest)
  • Challenge the Black Tower
  • Battle your friends
  • Use the GTS and Random Matchup

That's about what I can think of, hope I helped :)

you did:)