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So far all of my Infernapes I own have mostly physical powers is a Special Attack mostly one good? And if it is could you give me a move set or two for it? Thanks!

Um here is an example:

Infernape @Life Orb
Trait: Iron Fist
Nature: Jolly
EVs: 255atk,.249spd.,6HP.
.Fire Punch
.Thunder Punch
. Mach Punch
. Drain Punch

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Uh? Infernape is never seen as a special sweeper. It is sometimes mixed, but almost always physicaly offensive. If you do want to use some special moves, if you don't want to pass through the metagame as a noob, go ahead and be a special sweeper. I hope i'm not being offensive to you in any way. Here is a mixed Infernape set for you:


Infernape @ Expert Belt
Naive/Hasty Nature
180 Atk / 76 SpA / 252 Spe
Trait: Iron Fist
• Overheat
• Close Combat
• Thunderpunch
• Hidden Power Ice

~ Taffy

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