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I have it's special attack super training maxed out I have given it a power bracer and only fainted van illite hordes. Can someone plz explain this to me thank you:)

Would you mind rephrasing the question? I don't really understand what you are asking.
When my Sylveon levels up it's special attack will only go up by 3, if that helps
Thats good that its going up by 3 every level, can you give us its level and stats?
Well, both Super Training, fainting Vanilite hordes, and the Power Bracer deal with EVs, so If they're Super Training maxed, then the Bracer and just fainting Vanilite hordes will do nothing for you.

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You won't get the full stat boost of EVs until level 100. Gradually, the EVs will make a small difference each level, not all at once.

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