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Just wondering, cause I've never entered one and I registered to the enter the one that is coming up in a couple days.


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I entered too and this will be my second. It is quite like a random matchup and an opponent is selected for you. You just have to keep on battling and winning so your rating goes up. It is nothing like the Pokemon league in the anime, you just have to get a high enough rating and the highest wins the tournament. Results can be seen on the global link after the competition ends.

Hope this clears it a bit.

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how many wins did last years winner have?
not sure, but it was a lot. I think you don't have to come first to "win", but need a specific rating/amount of wins to "win" the tour. I may be mixing it up with the VGC qualifiers tho >.<
I meant that to be first you have to have highest rating.