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Ok, I thank I have two questions on this one.First:Why is the island called Nature Perserve doesn't exsist on the map, and why is theres only just a shinny Haxorus in the mysterious island?


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  1. It is too far away from Unova to put it on the map.
  2. There are other Pokemon too, in tall grass and water.
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Yes!Thank you for telling me that!
that is so helpful thanks!
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I believe that the nature preserve is only in Pokemon black 2 and white 2. If you have that version, you can't get to it until you have seen all of the Pokemon in the unova region. Then this area is available, but is not put on the map, simply because there is not enough room. You can go there, and find shiny Haxorous in a clearing somewhere. I am not sure if other shinies appear there, but apparently Haxorous is just standing there and you can battle it without searching through grass for it. I'd bet that you can probably find some other cool Pokemon there though.

Thank you for explaining more about it!:D