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I read on a website about this Permit and I wasn't sure if I could get to it (I have White2) and I was wondering where it was and what it was.


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The Nature Preserve is a small forested area somewhere in the world.
It's far away from Unova, so it won't show up on the map.

The only way to reach the Nature Preserve is by plane from Mistralton
City. To get the Permit to fly to Nature Preserve, you must see all
297 Pokemon in the Unova Pokedex. Of course, there are more than 297
Pokemon in the Unova Pokedex, but the other four are Event Legendary
Pokemon which aren't needed. After seeing all 297, fly to Professor
Juniper's Lab in Nuvema Town. She will check your Pokedex and give you
the item. Take the permit to the clerk in the shipping center in

The Nature Preserve is a very small area with three items and several
Pokemon. The main attraction of this area is a Shiny Haxorus in the
middle of the forest. If you can wait, grab the items around the area

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