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I have been looking for a certain nature for a Zangoose.
Since Zangoose (B2W2 Early Game) has a low percentage of encountering, I Figured I could do Double Battles.
I am lucky to have found an Elgyem with the right nature AND the synchronize Ability.
But I have no clue if this Ability will help me find the nature in Double Battles.

This question is so specific Bulbapedia doesn't even talk about this so this is going to be very hard to find out but I'll keep trying
As I was reading this, I just got an Elgyem from a Wonder Trade.

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Yes, the synchronise ability shall help you find a Pokemon with the same nature, as long as the synchroniser is the leading party Pokemon.
People are underestimating our dear own site.
"If a Pokémon with Synchronize is the leading party Pokémon, there is a 50% chance of each wild Pokémon encountered having the same nature."
Just ensure your elgyem occupies first slot in your party. Fainted Pokemon also work, but consider teaching your elgyem hypnosis or thunder wave.
Hope this helped!

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Of course synchronize still works when the Pokemon is fainted. I've done this many times before.
Sorry, corrected