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If you don't know what I am referring to, I am talking about the Pokemon that can be called into battle by wild Pokemon seeking help in Sun and Moon, also referred to as "SOS battles" by Serebii. In ordinary wild battles, Pokemon that appear will have a 50% of having the same nature as any Pokemon leading the party that has the ability Synchronize, and I am wondering if these SOS encounters are also subject to this.

I ask because I would like to catch a Mareanie with Merciless or Regenerator as its ability, and with a particular nature that I have on a Synchronize Abra. Mareanie is a rare Pokemon that can only be found through SOS encounters, so I'd like to know if Synchronize works before I bother trying to find an even rarer one with the nature I like.

(Even if it works, I still only have about a 5% or 0.25% chance of getting what I want depending on the location, which is going to be such a pain but oh well!)

I think I read on Reddit that it does work, but don't take my word for it.

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If you want to synchronize the ability of the spawning allies in SOS battles you have to fight with you synchronizer in the first party spot. It isn't enough to have it fainted on the first spot of your party.
Additionally if in your first party spot is a fainted Pokémon and you're fighting with your synchronizer in the second slot the synchronized nature is the fainted Pokémon's not the synchronizer’s.


There is a bug in Synchronize effect : Synchronize works on allies if the Synchronizer is on the field, but with the nature of the first party Pokémon. The Synchronizer can even lose Synchronize with Roleplay/Skill Swap, it will still work. It also works if the first party Pokémon is KO.


Abilities such as Compoundeyes, Synchronise and Cute Charm also seem to work as usual on Reinforcements as they do on regular wild encounters.


TL;DR Synchronize works on chained Pokémon. However, you cannot have your Synchronizer be KOd at the front of your party because it does not work anymore — you must use your Synchronizer to fight. Synchronize also appears to use the nature of the first Pokémon in your party, and not exclusively that of the Synchronizer. I haven’t tested this yet, so I’m not sure if this part is correct, but I’m sure you’ll figure out soon enough.

If this doesn’t answer your question, let me know!

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Cool, looks it will work! Thanks very much :)
No problem, dude!
Sorry if you addressed this in the answer: Say I had an Alakazam (Timid Nature) with Synchronize in my first slot. What happens if I switch out to another one of my pokemon (Alakazam still alive) , and the wild pokemon calls for help. Will the new pokemon synchronize with the nature Timid?
Nope-Alakazam has to be in the battle