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I'm trying to get a Shelgon and/or Salamence via SOS in Pokemon Sun. no luck, 50+ calls already. Does anyone know how often they appear via SOS?

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First, my problem is that I hate all fairies.
Second, if Sylveon really is good, then can you explain why only 1/328 of the high-ladder OU teams have Sylveon?
First, Salamence only appears on Route 3 and Shelgon in the bay. Bagon in both.
Second, I hate that you hate fairies. They're actually pretty twisted and deceptive.
Third, because it's better than only 1/329 of the high-ladder OU teams.
But the fact that it's better than so few Pokemon is exactly the reason why it's not good...
I know for a fact that Salamence has a 1% chance of being called. Shelgon I'm not so sure on, but I believe it's around 10%.
ok thanks for the info

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Serebii have got this information up. It seems that nobody has realised that.

Shelgon has a 10% chance of being found in Kala'e SOS battles. However, Salamence has a 1% chance of being found in SOS battles triggered in specific patches of Route 3. Theoretically you would encounter one in every 100 SOS battles - you've only done 50, so it's reasonable for it to not appear yet. However, I feel you may be going wrong by not running in the specific patches indicated by Serebii in this picture:

Salamence should be found in the patches indicated by the black head thing.

Be patient - it'll take a while!
Hope I helped. :)
Source: Shelgon's and Salamence's respective Serebii pages

I never thought to look at their individual pages… I only looked at the route pages :P
Oh... Salamence appears on Route 3... i forgot that I was battling in the bay... in that case I am TERRIBLY unlucky...