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I'm breeding an Adamant Salamence with Dragon Dance, but what Pokemon can I breed with Salamence in order to get Dragon Dance Salamence? Also what Pokemon that are compatable learn DD by level up? And what lvls Do they learn Dragon Dance?

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Horsea (learns at level 46)
Seadra (lerans at level 52)
Gyarados (learns at level 45)
Dratini (learns at level 51)
Dragonair (learns at level 61)
Dragonite (learns at level 61)
Kingdra (learns at level 52)
Altaria (learns at level 30)
Axew (learns at level 32)
Haxorus (learns at level 32)
Jangmo-o (learns at level 49)
Hakamo-o (learns at level 53)
Kommo-o (learns at level 59)

Source: Pokédex pages and This.

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